AI and robotics reporter

Cambridge, MA

We’re looking for a reporter to cover the rapid changes underway in artificial intelligence and robotics with a critical eye. We prefer someone with journalistic experience, but we’ll also consider a non-journalist with a technology background and exceptional writing talent.

The mission

MIT Technology Review is a world-renowned name in technology news. We cover tech at the cutting edge, where it’s just emerging into the world. We do it with a recently revamped mission: to make technology more of a force for good, through authoritative, influential, and trusted coverage that leads to better decision-making by those who build, use, and regulate technology. We benefit from our close ties to one of the world’s top research institutions while enjoying strict editorial independence. And we’re expanding.

The opportunity  

You will cover what’s current, relevant, and innovative in AI and robotics by writing timely stories and a regular newsletter interpreting the day’s news, as well as longer features exploring the key technologies driving them.  You’ll be a member of MIT Technology Review’s core editorial team, with the access and authority that comes from our relationship to MIT and a mandate to seek out the stories that really matter, not the ones that get the most clicks.

The ideal candidate

You will have the ability to write about complex topics in a clear, engaging way, making them accessible and meaningful to a wide audience of tech-savvy readers.  You will be curious about new technologies, the people creating them, and the impacts they have on society. You’ll have a keen instinct for finding issues that truly matter and a healthy skepticism of over-hyped “breakthroughs”. You’ll think not just like a journalist but also like a community builder and user-experience designer, excited to experiment with different ways of connecting to audiences and varied digital storytelling formats.

Other Skills:

  • Able to find and identify important stories and tell those stories in various formats and platforms
  • Able to think broadly and holistically about technology and its impacts
  • Able to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Interested in working on new journalism products and customer experiences across different platforms including print, online, podcasts, and events
  • A clear, compelling, jargon-free writing voice
  • At least 1-3 years of journalistic experience preferred


Please apply at AI Reporter  (Job Number 16187).