Commissioning Editor

Cambridge, MA or remote, part or full time

We are looking for an experienced editor to help us bring some of the world’s best writing to MIT Technology Review. You’ll be responsible for greatly expanding our stable of freelance contributors—be they professional journalists or technology practitioners and researchers who happen to write exceptionally well—and you will help conceive, shape, and edit our most in-depth, important stories.

The mission

MIT Technology Review is a world-renowned name in technology news. We cover tech at the cutting edge, where it’s just emerging into the world. We do it with a recently revamped mission: to make technology more of a force for good, through authoritative, influential, and trusted coverage that leads to better decision-making by those who build, use, and regulate technology. We benefit from our close ties to one of the world’s top research institutions while enjoying strict editorial independence. And we’re expanding.

The opportunity  

To begin with, at least, this can be a part-time job. We publish six print issues a year, each one an in-depth exploration of a different theme. They require a wide variety of pieces from a diverse range of outside contributors in addition to some stories by our own staff journalists. You’ll help devise themes and story ideas; then you’ll go and scour the world for contributors, commission the stories, and edit at least some of them while handing others off to our staff editors. There may also be the opportunity for a full-time role that includes commissioning and editing online features.

The ideal candidate

You’re an experienced and discerning editor with at least some background in technology journalism, though you don’t have to be a supergeek. You recognize excellent writing, even in inchoate form, and know how to coax it out of people. You read widely and have eclectic but highly discriminating tastes. You’re creative in conceiving of how to approach stories. You can be inventive, even entrepreneurial, in seeking out talent in unexpected places. You’re a good mentor and adviser who can help writers create their best work, as well as a strong structural and line editor who can shape it into a shimmering final product.

To apply

Please apply at Commissioning Editor (Job number 16256)