Executive Editor

Cambridge, MA

This is no ordinary make-the-trains-run-on-time newsroom management job; it’s a chance to be pivotal in the transformation of a prestigious media company. You will be the right-hand person to a new editor-in-chief brought in with a mandate to reimagine MIT Technology Review’s mission and dramatically grow its audience, clout, and journalistic ambitions.

MIT Technology Review aims to be the world’s leading guide to understanding technology and its role in business and society. It is owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and operates under a policy of strict editorial independence from the institute.

As well as overseeing day-to-day story assigning, editing, and production, the managing editor will work hand-in-hand with the editor-in-chief in defining areas of coverage, developing new formats and editorial products, encouraging and directing innovation, setting standards, structuring the newsroom, devising and monitoring metrics, and hiring. All the staff writers and editors will report to you, and you will be responsible both for ensuring the quality of their work and for inspiring them to develop new interests, techniques and skills, and to discover abilities they didn’t know they had. You’ll also be closely involved in redesigns of our web and print editions, working with our in-house developer and design teams as well as outside agencies.

This is a job for someone who relishes the challenge of helping maneuver an organization through far-reaching change and fomenting a culture of creativity and experimentation, all while maintaining the highest standards of journalistic and intellectual rigor. It will demand deep reserves of enthusiasm, empathy and good humor, as well as deft editing, exacting attention to detail, a love of excellent writing and engaging storytelling, and wide-ranging curiosity. You’ll need to be systematic and organized, and—needless to say—you will have to be fascinated by technology and how people think about, develop and use it.

The job requires significant experience both as a journalist and as an editor and manager of editorial teams, and experience in digital media. Being based in Boston/Cambridge is essential.

MIT Technology Review offers a creative and intellectually charged work environment with competitive compensation and benefits through MIT.

Please apply at Executive Editor (Job Number 15535).