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America’s new sex-trafficking bill led Craigslist to pull its personal ads

And other sites may follow suit, in order to avoid potential lawsuits.

The news: Axios reports that the well-known classified-ads site Craigslist has shuttered its personal-ad section after the US Congress passed a bill known as the Fight Online Sex… Read more

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  • Craigslist

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IBM logo

IBM is facing allegations of rampant age discrimination

One of America’s oldest technology companies has reportedly been unfairly pushing out its older workers.

The news: ProPublica and Mother Jones report that to stay competitive with the rest of Big Tech, IBM decided to make its team more youthful and international.… Read more

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  • Jesper Angelo | Flickr

Editor's Pick

AI can spot signs of Alzheimer’s before your family does

When David Graham wakes up in the morning, the flat white box that’s Velcroed to the wall of his room in Robbie’s Place, an assisted living facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts, begins recording his every movement.

It knows when he gets out of bed,...

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Yesterday Container port

How Trump’s new tariffs could damage American tech

A plan to punish China could end up hurting American companies and employment.

The news: The US will place 25 percent levies on “about $60 billion” of imports from China. Electronics and machinery are likely to be on the list of affected items.

The rationale:… Read more

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  • Chuttersnap | Unsplash
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Iranian hackers broke into systems used by 8,000 American professors

The attacks were a bid to steal masses of data and intellectual property.

The news: The Department of Justice has indicted nine Iranian hackers who worked for the state-funded Mabna Institute. They’re accused of hacking computer systems used by American… Read more

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  • Internet Education Foundation | Flickr
Facebook HQ

Facebook is offering itself up for regulation. How would we do that?

Amid its huge data scandal, Facebook’s execs seem to be welcoming new rules to govern how the company operates—but it will be hard to agree on what they should look like.

Asking for it: On Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg told CNN, “I’m not sure we shouldn’t… Read more

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  • Facebook
March 22, 2018 Doctor's office

Getting your genome sequenced might not make you spend more on health care

Geneticists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that genome sequencing, a type of test that provides a full readout of your DNA, didn’t significantly increase health-care spending in the short term.

Sequencing for everyone? As genome sequencing… Read more

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  • Burst

Editor's Pick

The US military wants AI to dream up weird new helicopters

AI can already dream up imaginary celebrities, so perhaps it can help the Army imagine revolutionary new engine parts or aircraft, too.

That’s the goal of a new project from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the research wing of the...

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March 22, 2018 Baidu's autonomous cars

Beijing is letting its first driverless cars take to the roads

Tech giant Baidu has been granted the first license for testing autonomous vehicles in China’s capital.

The news: Beijing officials gave Baidu license plates for its self-driving cars today. That’s one way of saying that the company will soon take its… Read more

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  • Baidu

Uber could blame its driver for this week’s fatal accident, but it shouldn’t

A video published by police yesterday raises some serious questions about Uber’s driverless-car technology.

The news: A video released by the Tempe, Arizona, police department shows what happened moments before one of Uber’s autonomous cars killed a… Read more

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  • Uber / Tempe Police Department