Rewriting Life

Reprogramming our bodies to make us healthier.

Rewriting Life

Genes I wish they would find

Enough with the useless genes. Here are some that would actually come in handy.

Illustration of labeled chromosome
Rewriting Life

Editor’s letter: The precision medicine issue

Precision medicine has led to incredibly effective treatments for cancer and inherited disease. But not everyone gets treated.

Image of Novmeber/December 2018 Mit Technology Review
Rewriting Life

Finally, the drug that keeps you young

Anti-aging pioneer Judith Campisi explains how a recent breakthrough could ward off age-related disease.

Portrait of Judith Campisi
Rewriting Life

Six things to do with your data before you die

How to make sure your loved ones can get into all your accounts. Or, alternatively—how to cover your tracks.

Illustration of skeleton arm lifting corner of doormat shaped like an iphone, revealing a key

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