Humans and Technology

A look at how technologies from AR/VR, brain-computer interfaces, and chip implants to health trackers, biometrics and social media are changing the most basic aspects of human life—work, friendship, love, aging, sickness, parenting, learning, and building community.

Humans and Technology

Lockdown was supposed to be an introvert’s paradise. It’s not.

Calendars cleared by coronavirus are filling up with virtual happy hours, and some people are starting to feel exhausted.

A woman looking forlornly at her laptop
Humans and Technology

Meet the parents using Trello to plan their kids’ coronavirus homeschooling

Families in indefinite lockdown are turning to Asana and Trello to run their households.

woman mom writing list down on paper with child next to her and computer asana trello jira google doc how to homeschool coronavirus
Humans and Technology

Forget Zoom—children are using Facebook Messenger Kids to deal with coronavirus isolation

Kids are getting a crash course on texting and social media with “technology on training wheels.”

Kid with phone
Humans and Technology

How to work remotely during the coronavirus lockdown

Slack’s Ali Rayl tells us how the company is fostering remote working and Rajesh Anandan of Ultranauts, gives insight into what the future of remote work could be.

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