Smart Cities

Governments around the world are trying to improve urban life by adopting digital technologies and creating Smart Cities filled with sensors. Who are these projects benefiting and how smart are they?

Smart Cities

What makes a city great? A new way to look at urban data will give us clues.

Urban planning is more art than science. But data mining and visualization on a massive scale are set to change that.

New York City skyline
Smart Cities

How much electricity does a country use? Just ask cell-phone users.

Mobile-phone data looks set to change the way infrastructure is planned in the developing world.

Map of senegal showing cell phone network structure
Smart Cities

These colorful stickers are helping blind people find their way around

If you have a cell-phone camera, the NaviLens system can give you vital information about where you are.

A collection of Navilens's colourful stickers
Smart Cities

Roman amphitheaters act like seismic invisibility cloaks

The discovery may explain how these buildings have survived for so long in earthquake zones.

An image of the Roman Colosseum
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