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Who’s responsible when technology causes harm? We look at how the world is dealing with problems like fake news and misinformation, AI bias, Big Tech’s power, genetic discrimination, privacy intrusions, mass surveillance, and more.

Tech Policy

The official jobless numbers are horrifying. The real situation is even worse.

The record unemployment numbers only hint at the crisis facing many with no work.

crowd gathered outside of bank during Great Depression
Tech Policy

What the hell is going on with coronavirus testing in the US?

The country is woefully behind where it should be, and that’s going to make it much harder to track and curtail the coronavirus’s spread.

Covid-19 testing
Tech Policy

Would you volunteer to get the coronavirus? Someone may have a job for you.

It won’t be pleasant, but it could help prove quickly if a Covid-19 vaccine works.

volunteer for a medical trial
Tech Policy

Coronavirus is forcing a trade-off between privacy and public health

The crisis has governments and companies scrambling to decide when it’s appropriate to lift data privacy protections and AI ethics guidelines.

Two people wearing masks walk on the streets of Italy during the coronavirus pandemic.
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