Silicon Valley

Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and other Silicon Valley Big Tech companies are built on innovation. But how are these corporate behemoths dealing with the ramifications of their power?

Silicon Valley

Amazon is hiring 100,000 new workers in the US to deal with the coronavirus boom

The hiring spree is to cope with an unprecedented surge in demand for online deliveries during the outbreak.

Amazon worker
Silicon Valley

Coronavirus is revealing the gig economy’s sharp inequalities

The growing outbreak is creating fear and confusion for contractors who lack the protections afforded to permanent employees.

An Uber Eats courier in Tokyo
Silicon Valley

Germany’s synagogue shooting was live-streamed on Twitch—but almost no one saw it

The rapid response to the shootings in Halle shows how tech firms are learning from Christchurch.

Mourners lay flowers at the site of the Halle synagogue attack
Silicon Valley

Meet America’s newest military giant: Amazon

The Pentagon’s controversial $10 billion JEDI cloud computing deal is one of the most lucrative defense contracts ever. Amazon’s in pole position to win—and its move into the military has been a long time coming.

Illustration showing the Department of Defense Eagle with an Amazon logo on its shield and holding Amazon smiles in it's talons
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