Artificial Intelligence

What is AI? It's the quest to build machines that can reason, learn, and act intelligently, and it has barely begun. We cover the latest advances in machine learning, neural networks, and robots.

Artificial Intelligence

The messy, secretive reality behind OpenAI’s bid to save the world

The AI moonshot was founded in the spirit of transparency. This is the inside story of how competitive pressure eroded that idealism.

Photograph of three founding members of OpenAI
Artificial Intelligence

Emotion AI researchers say overblown claims give their work a bad name

A lack of government regulation isn’t just bad for consumers. It’s bad for the field, too.

An illustration. On the left, scattered cut outs of face parts like eyes and mouths contained in a box. Middle: a complete face, eyes closed. On the right: a network in the shape of a head.
Artificial Intelligence

An ever-changing room of Ikea furniture could help AI navigate the world

The Allen Institute wants to crowdsource navigation algorithms by letting researchers turn their robots loose in its physical and virtual apartments.

An illustration of a robot facing a room filled with furniture.
Artificial Intelligence

An algorithm that can spot cause and effect could supercharge medical AI

The technique, inspired by quantum cryptography, would allow large medical databases to be tapped for causal links

An image of brightly coloured pills
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