Biotechnology is the industry that uses the molecules of life (DNA, RNA, and proteins mostly) to treat and diagnose disease. We report on the latest biomedical science and technological research.


The world’s first Gattaca baby tests are finally here

The DNA test claims to let prospective parents weed out IVF embryos with a high risk of disease or low intelligence.

conceptual illustration of an embryo report card

The scientists who are creating a bio-internet of things

The internet of things connects devices across the globe. Now researchers are considering how bacteria can join the network.

conceptual image of bacterial in a petri dish

Meet the pigs that could solve the human organ transplant crisis

On a farm in Bavaria, German researchers are using gene editing to create pigs that could provide organs to save thousands of lives.

Photo of baby pigs under a light

The DNA database used to find the Golden State Killer is a national security leak waiting to happen

Here’s how spies could use a crowdsourced genetic ancestry service to compromise your privacy—even if you’re not a member.

conceptual illustration of a leaking pipe with a gene sequence chart overlayed
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