Humanity is pushing further outside of our atmosphere. We take a look at the space tech coming out of places like NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin that is powering the space exploration of tomorrow.


Why the Hubble is unlike any other satellite in history

In this excerpt from her book Handprints on Hubble: An Astronaut’s Story of Invention, the first American woman to walk in space tells what it was like to be part of the team that designed and launched the space telescope.


Listen to the sound of Earth’s magnetic field as it’s pummeled by a solar storm

These strange new sounds underscore the complexities at play when solar storm events head for Earth.

earth magnetic field

The landing site for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover might be home to fossilized life

Two new studies raise the possibility that the next Mars mission will find fossils of organic life or preserved biosignatures at Jezero crater.

Jezero crater on Mars
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