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Who’s responsible when technology causes harm? We look at how the world is dealing with problems like fake news and misinformation, AI bias, Big Tech’s power, genetic discrimination, privacy intrusions, mass surveillance, and more.

Tech Policy

The coronavirus is the first true social-media “infodemic”

Social media has zipped information and misinformation around the world at unprecedented speeds, fueling panic, racism … and hope.

Illustration of people wearing masks against a backdrop of phones and other personal devices sending pollution into the air.
Tech Policy

Meet the Chinese crowdsourcers fighting coronavirus censorship

Faced with information suppression and untrustworthy news, citizens in China and Hong Kong do their best to chronicle the coronavirus outbreak and sift fact from fiction.

Tech Policy

Gawker’s nemesis is working on a social network offering access to the rich

Business and technology leaders are being asked to spend $100,000 buying in to the service.

Tech Policy

Eight revelations from MIT’s Jeffrey Epstein report

At one point, university officials had wanted to approve Epstein donations of up to $10 million.

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