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Who’s responsible when technology causes harm? We look at how the world is dealing with problems like fake news and misinformation, AI bias, Big Tech’s power, genetic discrimination, privacy intrusions, mass surveillance, and more.

Tech Policy

Can an AI be an inventor? Not yet.

But some campaigners are pushing for the rules to change.

AI inventor
Tech Policy

The US just released 10 principles that it hopes will make AI safer

All future AI regulations will need to clear the checklist.

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Tech Policy

2019 is the year tech finally started to deal with 2016

Internet companies have been slow to solve their problems. Now everyone else is starting to do it for them.

Zuckerberg cutouts on Capitol Hill
Tech Policy

The best books in 2019 on the economy we live in

The year 2019 produced some evidence-based antidotes to the trendy political narratives of robot domination and the collapse of capitalism.

best books on tech
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