Climate Change

Climate change is making the Earth a warmer and weirder place, forcing researchers, companies and governments to understand, confront and adapt to rising dangers.

Climate Change

We aren’t terrified enough about losing the Amazon

Scientists aren’t sure if there’s a tipping point, or how close we are to it – but it would be “absolutely catastrophic” if we cross it.

Photo of the Amazon rainforest wildfire
Climate Change

Whoops! California’s carbon offsets program could extend the life of coal mines.

A new study highlighting the risks of perverse incentives offers the latest evidence that carbon offsets are a deeply flawed way of combating climate change.

Flaring methane at a fuel extraction site.
Climate Change

How nanoparticles that harvest light could curb climate emissions

Syzygy Plasmonics has raised nearly $6 million to produce a cleaner form of hydrogen, using a novel type of photocatalyst.

A rendering of Syzygy's planned photocatalytic chemical reactor.
Climate Change

A hotter planet will make solar power less efficient

Photovoltaic cells are notoriously sensitive to temperature. Now a new study reveals how global warming will reduce output across the globe by 2100.

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