What is a blockchain? Distributed ledger technology underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and could be the future of money, security, and online privacy. But there's also a ton of hype.


Can photonic chips save Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are famously energy hungry. So some researchers say the answer is a more energy-efficient form of computing.

photo of abstract light beams

Why it’s time to start talking about blockchain ethics

Blockchain technology is changing the nature of money and organizations. We should probably start pondering the potential consequences.

Blocks and scales of justice

Should central banks issue digital currency? Suddenly, it’s an urgent question.

Stable digital currencies—and particularly Facebook’s plans to launch one—have central bankers playing defense.


The US government has a hidden weapon it could deploy against Bitcoin

The US could someday try to crack down on cryptocurrency by calling certain users financial institutions. Critics say that would be a terrible idea.

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What matters in Blockchain right now?

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