What it means to be constantly connected with each other and vast sources of information.


The internet is taking over a person’s life for Halloween. And you can be a part of it.

An MIT experiment is handing a single person’s free will to the crowd to test how the digital hive mind works.


The US is finally getting a hacker-proof quantum network that people can use

The fiber-optic cables carrying data across the internet are vulnerable. Two US initiatives aim to fix that by creating super-secure quantum transmissions.


Inside Europe’s quest to build an unhackable quantum internet

An ambitious project in the Netherlands aims to use quantum technology to foil hackers who try to spy on data flowing through the internet’s pipes.

Conceptual illustration of a lock with entangled photons inside it, on an illustrated network background

The smartphone app that can tell you’re depressed before you know it yourself

Analyzing the way you type and scroll can reveal as much as a psychological test.

Photo of Tom Insel and Paul Dagum

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