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Reprogramming our bodies to make us healthier.

Rewriting Life

Years before CRISPR babies, this man was the first to edit human embryos

In 2015, an unknown Chinese scientist edited the DNA of human embryos. It was a step on an inexorable path to designer babies.

Rewriting Life

Despite CRISPR baby controversy, Harvard University will begin gene-editing sperm

Even as a furious debate broke out in China over gene-edited babies, some scientists in the US are also hoping to improve tomorrow’s children.

Microscopic photograph of human sperm
Rewriting Life

Rogue Chinese CRISPR scientist cited US report as his green light

An expert finding from the National Academies of Sciences was He Jiankui’s excuse to edit the DNA of two babies.

Rewriting Life

The Chinese scientist who claims he made CRISPR babies is under investigation

He Jiankui says he created twin girls whose genes were edited to make them resistant to HIV. Was that ethical? Or even legal?

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