Update: this episode has ended. 

In this episode of Radio Corona, Gideon Lichfield, editor in chief of Technology Review, will speak with epidemiologist Dr. Cyrus Shahpar about the “war” against covid-19, and how his organization, Resolve to Save Lives, is working with governments to help them implement evidence-based strategies to defeat the pandemic. Shahpar will also be taking your questions.  

Shahpar is a director at Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies. He was the Deputy Team Lead for CDC's Global Rapid Response Team and an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer there. He has worked with humanitarian organizations including UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO, and WFP in large emergencies in Haiti, Pakistan, the Philippines, Jordan, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Dr. Tom Frieden, CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, recently penned this op-ed, “We'll lose 'World War C' against the coronavirus if we don't fight the right way.” We encourage you to read it before the live web show. 

To register, click this link just before 4 p.m. ET. We also recommend you download or enable the Zoom application. You will be muted when you enter the Q&A. For more news about coronavirus and how it's changing our world, sign up for the Coronavirus Tech Report, a free newsletter from Technology Review.